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With the collaboration of the Manhattan Ministerial Alliance, area physicians, Mercy Regional Health Center and various members of the community, the Flint Hills Community Clinic opened its doors to the public in July 2005. In the years since, hundreds of clinic volunteers have provided thousands of free healthcare appointments to those in the community who are without health insurance. FHCC has expanded to operate three evenings and one afternoon each week through the generosity of the community’s donation of time and financial contributions. 

Nurse Checking Girl


FHCC works with a variety of local service agencies, both to accept referrals, as well as to coordinate care and give patients access to other community resources. 


The clinic collaborates with Via Christi, who donates a tremendous amount of diagnostic and surgical services to clinic patients. Via Christi also helps through the Diabetic Management Program.


The Flint Hills Community Clinic is collaborating with KDHE for monitoring of influenza, as well as testing patients that present with influenza-like illness.


Pawnee Mental Health monitors medications and provides counseling for patients and courteously forwards progress notes so that we can maintain a continuity of care.


We have also collaborated with the Kansas State University Pre-Med Department, Marriage and Family Counseling Department and Financial Counseling Department to provide a variety of clinic experiences to their students.

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